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Susan Lilly is certified to teach Yoga by the Mount Madonna Center for Creative Arts and Sciences.  She teaches Classical Ashtanga Yoga which includes Pranayama and Meditation.


Susan completed the Ayurveda Health Counselor Program at the Mount Madonna Institute College of Ayurveda. She offers personalized health and wellness counseling using yoga practices, diet and lifestyle, herbs,

and exercise.  Currently working on Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Externship.


Susan is an  Yoga Instructor at Valley Yoga in Visalia 

 "If you work on yoga, yoga will work on you"  ~Baba Hari Dass 



Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Externship Consults and small group classes
If you're interested in participating please email me. I'm doing these on Zoom.
Ayurveda Consultations

Consultations focus on

preventative health and utilize the knowledge of appropriate diet and lifestyle for the unique individual. 

It helps one manage stress, promotes better sleep, helps with weight and digestive issues, and changing unhealthy habits.  It also increases energy and gives one a better sense of well being.


Private Yoga Lessons


Lessons provide an opportunity to work individually or with two or three people. This allows for attention to a variety of therapeutic issues.  Private lessons are an opportunity to go deeper and develop a home practice.

Ayurveda teaches that we live most optimally by observing cycles in nature and utilizing practices that align ourselves with them.

 "I'm a sceptic but I must say Susan and Ayurveda
have really helped me improve my health.  Since receiving Ayurveda Health counseling I have more mental clarity, energy, and strength. I no longer get indigestion, I sleep better, have more stamina, manage stress better, and feel more optimistic."  

Chuck Cornelison

Get In Touch 559-802-2626

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